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Our Humans Deserve More.

The “big idea” isn’t enough anymore. Big media budgets and Madison avenue words don’t guarantee success. Brands struggle to connect with modern audiences. Consumers are smarter. They have more control every day over what content reaches them. And they are increasingly wary of disruptive marketing techniques. Consumers have the controls now, and they make split second decisions about whether you add value to their lives. If not, you’re out.

Its time to get back to the basics of fantastic storytelling.

We produce compelling content and stunning stories amplified through organic and paid content distribution channels. We believe that all media is earned media and thus, are proudly and boldly not an ad agency but rather a studio with full production means to produce and deliver epic storytelling. We combine the principles of literature and journalism with emerging marketing engagement methods delivered on content rich platforms.


The Brand with the Best Story Wins.

The large majority of our people don’t come from advertising.  Rather, they have literary degrees, they attended fine arts schools, they’re filmmakers, they’re storytellers.  We built Odyssey from the ground up to tell a great story and we combine the services to fulfill this promise.

Content & Story

Story Strategy
Content Marketing
Film / Video / Aerial
Social Campaigns


Paid Media
Influencer Marketing
Social Advertising
Native Campaigns


Web Programming
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Digital Magazines
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Our Team

At Odyssey, you work with the people who do the work.  We think on our feet, we’re creative and we’re scrappy and aggressive.  Give us your objective and we’ll get it done.

Ryan Thompson
Ryan Thompson

Founder & CEO

David Laffitte
David Laffitte

Director of Operations

Vince Tatarian
Vince Tatarian

Director of Content & Story

Paul Kleen
Paul Kleen

Director of Amplification

Vivian Farmer
Vivian Farmer

Content Strategist

Danielle Ronan
Danielle Ronan


Alison Ballard
Alison Ballard

Account Manager

Brian Welch
Brian Welch

Cinematographer & Editor


We work with clients in B2C industries, especially in tourism, entertainment and lifestyle brand categories.

Visit Dallas
The Dallas Arts District
Corpus Christi
Baylor Health Care System
Greater Palm Springs CVB
South Padre Island
Discover Denton
Visit Oceanside
Puerto Vallarta
Harwood International
Leap Frog

“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.“

Tahir Shah, in Arabian Nights

“The human species thinks in metaphors and learns through stories.“

Mary Catherine Bateson

“If you're going to have a story, have a big story, or none at all.“

Joseph Campbell