The Emergence of AI – an Odyssey Presentation

Presentation Overview

In 2018, AI is predicted to begin killing Mobile Apps. In this practical look at AI and Machine Learning, understand how to begin applying AI to your marketing tomorrow. We’ll take you step-by-step through an understanding of how we built a travel chatbot that serves 2,000 audience members per day as concierge, travel agency, tour guide and ambassador – all without human oversight.

Odyssey’s Ryan Thompson presents The Emergence of AI, a review of AI, machine learning and related technologies effecting our modern marketing world.

Originally presented in March 2018 at DMAWest Tech Summit in Spokane, Washington.  Content contains copyrights and trademarks from various owners including Fox News, Fox Business News, Carolco Pictures, Tri Star Pictures.

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is Founder & CEO of Odyssey. A serial entrepreneur, Ryan is the author of Disruption: Destination Marketing in the Post-Digital Age and speaks at marketing and strategy events over 20 times per year.