eTOURISM SUMMIT — Six short documentaries from the streets of San Francisco

In October 2017, 24 attendees of eTOURISM SUMMIT, a destination marketing event for tourism professionals, attended an 8-hour video workshop. Their goal: script, film, edit and produce a short documentary film in a neighborhood of San Francisco — and do it with an iPhone and $19 editing software.

These are the stories they discovered and the films they made.

The Video Workshop, an event of eTOURISM SUMMIT 2017, Odyssey partnered with BarberStock and Herrmann Global to provide a one-day film school including:

  • How to tell a compelling story using an adapted version of Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero’s Journey”
  • The roles of Storyteller, Director, Producer, Editor and Cinematographer
  • How to shoot film including framing shots, types of shots and audio/video techniques
  • How to edit audio and video tracks using iMovie to produce a film

The attendees divided into 6 teams of 4 and spread through assigned neighborhoods of San Francisco via double deck bus. Each team has 90 minutes to film and 2 hours to edit and produce their video.

NOTE: This video contains proprietary footage and is therefore secured to attendees of eTOURISM SUMMIT 2017. If you haven’t obtained the password and you attended the event, please email

In the era of UGC (user generated content) videos, the exercise demonstrated that high quality films could be produced quickly with efficiently.

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Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is Founder & CEO of Odyssey. A serial entrepreneur, Ryan is the author of Disruption: Destination Marketing in the Post-Digital Age and speaks at marketing and strategy events over 20 times per year.