Entertainment News Portal, in Partnership with Cinestate

Client: Cinestate
Services: Publishing, Storytelling, Platforms
Category: Entertainment

The Brief

There was a time when consumers, critics, and creators all did their thing completely removed from one another. The internet changed all that, and Heard Tell recognizes it. We connect those who make and consume entertainment through personal, provocative and useful commentary that goes beyond numeric grades, hot takes, slideshows, and clickbait. Entertainment is culture. It is politics. It is a national pastime. And it belongs to all of us.

The Story

Odyssey partnered with Cinestate to produce Heard Tell. Heard Tell is a southern saying used in polite gossip,à la “I’ve heard-tell that her husband’s been seeing that lil’ cashier girl from the Texaco on the side.” It reflects familiarity and community (perhaps some cattiness, bless our hearts) that is common where we’re from in Texas. Thank you for following Heard Tell and Odyssey as we make an entertainment site that brings a level of authenticity and access to movie, book and audio fans that we’re awful proud of.

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