JFK – The Sixth Floor Museum

Bringing the Legacy of the Man to New Generations through Storytelling Marketing.

Client: JFK - The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
Services: Storytelling, Amplification, Platforms
Category: Museums & Attractions

The Brief

In November 1963, a tragedy occurred in Dallas – the assassination of an American president. When The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza undertook a competitive review to find an agency to present the man and the museum in the digital world, we were more than honored to be the pick.

A key challenge as we saw it – our population continued to age, less and less people had a first-hand connection to John F. Kennedy. We had to create a strong experiential connection that was much more than a day in tragedy; much more than the solid white “X” in the ground around the corner of the building where tragedy took place.

The Story

We began by discovering the story and quickly realized that the plot needed to follow three distinct paths: The man, the museum, and the legacy. While the museum primarily chronicled that day in 1963, we felt like we could use a digital platform to deeply expand knowledge on the history of the man and the legacy he created.


The Results

We created a digital storytelling hub with a distinct focus on an incredible mobile experience. Visitors could research pre-visit, augment their experience on-site and continue learning about Kennedy’s legacy into the future.

The platform is beautifully visual with separate paths into topical areas. Packed with video and audio content, visitors can immerse themselves into the man and the 1960s.


“We don’t see this as a website project…we see a storytelling assignment, delivered digitally; that if done well will create meaning, legacy and relevance for younger generations who have no first-hand memories of John F. Kennedy.”