Kimbell Art Museum

Bringing A Legend To Life In :30 For Kimbell Art Museum.

This was the only US showing of this famous painter. We had to build excitement for the show… and do it in less than 30 seconds.

Client: Kimbell Art Museum
Services: Storytelling, Film
Category: Attractions

The Brief

Capture people who don’t know the difference between Caravaggio and Cappuccino.

All kidding aside, while art enthusiasts certainly understand the magnitude and impact of this once-in-a-lifetime exhibit, there’s a huge audience that needs to see this exhibit, but aren’t typically art-fans. We had to build excitement for the show… and do it in less than 30 seconds.

The Story

Mass Media, Meet Caravaggio At The Kimbell

In two words: mass media. We figured let’s go all out and get TV, Radio, Print, Social Media… basically, anywhere we could get eyes.

Born in 1571, Caravaggio is considered by many to be one of the most influential figures in the history of art. His work, known for dramatic compositions contrasting light and shadow, influenced painters throughout Europe, and lived on well past his own death in 1610. Our work would follow this similar “Caravaggisti” theme.

Our commercial spots show a sweeping contrast between shots, meant to mirror the artist’s own technique. Our radio spots borrowed Caravaggio’s passion and drama by utilizing heavy music and precisely-timed voiceovers to create a deeply emotional affect.

The Results

The TV commercials and radio spots Odyssey created began running in heavy rotation in late October throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and well, we think the results speak for themselves…4. And, as you can see, we won a Telly for the efforts.

4 commercials
2 (:15) and 2 (:30)
4 radio spots
2 (:15) and 2 (:30)

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