Lord Nut Levington


Lord Nut Levington emerged a few years ago as a new consumer packaged goods product seeking to disrupt the category. Peanuts historically are bland, boring and not exciting (when’s the last time you got excited for a peanut”). A CPG veteran, Lord Nut’s CEO created an edgy, flavorful and slightly irreverent brand and set out to stake a claim of marketshare.

Client: Lord Nut Levington
Services: Agency of Record, Video, Storytelling, Amplification
Category: Consumer Packaged Goods

The Brief

Lord Nut Levington is the leader of the taste revolution. With an ever present smirk and trademark mustache, he has traveled the world in search of unique flavors and tastes. He is steadfast in his battle against bland. He is the man behind the nut.

The Lord Nut Levington brand of nut-based products uses the Lord Nut character to capture consumers’ imaginations and engage their taste buds. Lord Nut’s unique line of highly seasoned peanuts are inspired by his experiences and many flavor expeditions. The current product line includes flavors like Rebel Mary, a fiery peanut with spicy Bloody Mary flavor and lemon, celery and pepper spices, and El Cheddarales, a bold flavor profile of cheddar cheese and jalapeño.

The Challenge

With a limited marketing budget, our challenge was to build a brand organically and create awareness and consumer demand such that distributors and retailers were compelled to stock the product. With national market possibilities and a massively popular and crowded category, the opportunity was clear but the challenge was steep.

The Story

We began aggressively on parallel paths. We created a campaign to bring the Lord Nut Levington products to market and cement the personality of the brand with the public at-large.We kicked off the campaign with a slick ad series giving a tease and making you question just who is the man behind the mask. Next, we launched an irreverent social media campaign using a mostly organic approach targeted to reach likely consumers.  Simultaneously, we worked on retail packaging design and displays and consulted with the company on flavor development.


Services and deliverables included:

  • Social Media Strategy and Execution
  • Amplification Strategy and Digital Media Execution
  • Creative Services and Packaging Design
  • Story Development and Content Marketing
  • Story Film Production
We created a number of social-first short films centering on the Lord Nut Levington brand and character.  The films portrayed the irreverent style of the brand.

Popularity began to skyrocket, peaking when Lord Nut was accepted to ABC’s Shark Tank. To prepare for the national media event, our technology team rebuilt online ordering systems and deployed load-balancing servers and CDNs to support the expected traffic during and following the airing of the episode.

The Results

While a deal wasn’t reached with the Sharks, the publicity had the desired effect.  Following campaign efforts, Lord Nut achieved distribution and stocking agreements with major retailers including Costco, Walmart, Target and many more.  What began as a mostly online, organic effort continues today as a national brand available in your local retail stores.

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