Visit Lubbock

Crafting a New Digital Marketing Hub.

Client: Visit Lubbock
Services: Creative, Amplification, Platforms
Category: Destination Marketing

The Brief

Lubbock, Texas. Home of Texas Tech University, Prairie Dog Town, Llano Estacado Winery, the world-famous Buddy Holly Center, and much, much more. And it’s the cap rock of what people say about West Texas: warm, friendly, down to earth, and it just sort of feels like home, no matter where you’re from.

And that feeling is on purpose. It’s all a big part of the efforts Visit Lubbock and Economic Development Alliance invest in daily.

The Story

Like many client relationships we hold, it all started with the ubiquitous RFP. And that RFP was to design a new website, as the old one was not responsive to multiple devices, was near impossible to manage, very out of date, and didn’t fit the Visit Lubbock brand the organization had been building for months. That’s a good brief, and one we can work with. And we couldn’t be more thrilled that we found ourselves the winner of one of the most exciting journeys we’ve been on.

The project began simply enough, but we decided that what Lubbock really needed was a digital marketing hub. This to enables greater inbound traffic, better engagement, and deeper analytics integration to make sure changes are on target and purposeful. So, we created a digital blueprint that would precede any digital marketing platforms. Translated out of marketing speak, we needed a plan and then we needed to build some tools to act on that plan.

The Digital Blueprint

Overall, the site was well received, with many kudos on the intricacies of the design and architectural decisions. Being a recent launch, we’re watching the interaction metrics closely to ensure we continue to track the ever-moving target and hit dead center.

We began the project by looking at Lubbock’s website goals and digital audiences. Knowing both, we launched our process of crafting each touch point where we knew our audience would intersect our story.

The new was designed to be a site as feature rich on a mobile phone as it is on a desktop computer. Using responsive design principles, the site has one management interface for content, and displays that content in specific order and resolution depending on device and viewport size.


Everyone has to visit a new place for the first time at least once… right? We figured that a lot of people coming to Lubbock—and by figured, we mean we reviewed a lot of data—were newby’s to the area, and didn’t know how great Lubbock is. So we fixed that particular problem with a digital trip planner that creates a behavioral profile of you to serve up just the right stops while you’re there. With exclusive deals attached to each trip, this new way of travel planning is sure to expose the uninitiated to the vast array of sights Lubbock has to offer.

The Results

% Increase in Organic Traffic
% Increase in Social Traffic
% Increase in Referral Traffic

“These new marketing tools are exactly what we need to showcase just what a great place Lubbock is to visit, plan an event, or stay and just take in the sights and culture. We’re all very proud of the work that went into this project, and the product that ultimately resulted from it.”


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