That’s Tempting

Food as a Tourism Driver.
“Edutainment” & Digital Palate Satisfaction for Visit Plano.

The Brief

In 2006, independent digital publications began to create a space for themselves on the web, offering digitally unique ways to educate and entertain consumers focused on singular categories. We can thank media giant BuzzFeed for this movement truly skyrocketing in 2011, when it began to diversify their portfolio into niche, culturally relevant publications.

Visit Plano approached The Atkins Group, in partnership with Odyssey Storyworks, about a content marketing plan that would better highlight the unique food opportunities in Plano, Texas. Located just north of Dallas, the city of Plano has over 900 restaurants that are unique to the city.

We didn’t want to beef up their current blog, but rather tasked ourselves with creating “edutainment” style videos that would live on an independently branded publication. The publication lends itself to those who are not interested in a city entity telling them where to go and what to try.

Client: Visit Plano
Services: Storytelling, Amplification
Category: Tourism & Hospitality

The Story

We created an independently branded publication that showcases unique restaurants in Plano.

Following the industry model of short names, That’s Tempting was formed based on the publication’s highlighting of restaurants, bars, and coffee shops. Odyssey then built a restaurant contact list, concepted, filmed and edited all videos and placed them on the website in 20 days.

Distribution was as equally important as the unique restaurants we chose to film. The videos should tempt you to want to try whatever is in the video, or remind you of an experience you’ve already had. The publication website was built to house a series of videos, both long and short form that tell the narrative of Plano’s food scene.

Partnerships were formed with major food accounts on social media and other digital publications to create awareness in the DFW market of a new food publication – That’s Tempting.

Food is a universal language. It allows us to experience cultures by sight, taste, and smell. It’s something that doesn’t have to be spoken. While That’s Tempting is a video platform and social assignment at its core, the move towards an independent publication is an opportunity for the travel and tourism industry to stretch beyond listings and beyond blog posts about the top 15 to-do’s.

In a Dallas congested food market, it’s hard to stand out. Plano understood that.

When you’re a neighboring city to a large metropolitan, you’d think the ability to ever get out of the culinary shadows would present itself as difficult. But when you boast a track record like Plano, Texas, which birthed some of the most memorable (and unique) restaurant chains in the region – you can boast a little. In this case, we boasted a lot. From chef interviews, to influencer dining experiences, we put the city of Plano on the dining map in North Texas.

The industry made large shifts in how consumers educate themselves with content and we quickly jumped on board. While this may seem like “just another” food publication floating around the web, we changed the culinary perception of what has been considered a “Dallas suburb” to be directly in-line with fun and flavor-packed dining experiences.


The Results

Within 2 weeks of being live on Facebook, we garnered…

video views
people in our demo
page likes
hours of view time
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