Webinar [Replay]: The Chatbot Revolution in Tourism

In June 2018, Odyssey presented a series of webinars on the coming chatbot revolution in tourism.

Summary: Chatbots are predicted to soon be the app and email killer. They’re faster to develop than a mobile app and allow you to immediate access a built in fanbase such as those on Facebook. Moreover, consumers indicate they far prefer an SMS-style chat interface over other forms of communications, especially email.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll look at the chatbot revolution coming in travel and tourism and teach you how to take advantage of it in your marketing plans. Topics include:

  • Trending statistics on chatbots, email and other forms of communication for consumers
  • How to bring forth your brand and tone of voice through chatbots, in ways not possible in email
  • Basic and advanced integrations that make your chatbot more useful and engaging
  • Fantastic case studies of Chatbots in travel and hospitality
  • How to build your first chatbot in under 8 hours, without programming experience
  • Measuring the success of your chatbot to determine ROI 

Webinar Replay

Ryan Thompson

Ryan Thompson is Founder & CEO of Odyssey. A serial entrepreneur, Ryan is the author of Disruption: Destination Marketing in the Post-Digital Age and speaks at marketing and strategy events over 20 times per year.