In addition to our client services, Odyssey invests in ventures designed to reach and engage the modern consumer.  Ventures include publishing platforms and consumers products and services.


PLACES.TRAVEL produces the world’s best hyper-localized travel content. With modern travelers seeking to “travel more like a local”, we seek the hidden gem in the dark alley, the trails and beaches still undiscovered by most and ultimately the experiences that we all will remember for the rest of our lives. Our writers and contributors are deeply invested in their communities and areas of expertise and bring the richest travel content to digital environments.

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Colorado Collective

Delivering marketing services with a publishing and literary mindset. In this joint venture, Colorado Collective and Odyssey bring Colorado further into the spotlight with print, digital, and storytelling platforms designed for unique audiences that goes beyond the standard website build and a media buy offered from most agencies; looking back to fantastic storytelling as a primary means of engagement.

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Heard Tell

A joint venture of Odyssey and Cinestate, Heard Tell is a stylish online magazine that connects creators and consumers, providing access to entertainment that is both personal and usable. It represents a shift in entertainment reporting and commentary that is often defined by impersonality and focuses instead on how projects and players within the field are pertinent to the reader him or herself.

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